August 22, 2010

Just back from a great craft show - one more weekend to go. If you're looking for our girls for sale they'll be back in 10 days.

February 15, 2010

That all happened upteen years ago. In the mean time we've become best friends and started to sew and create dolls that I guess you could say look like an updated version of Raggedy Ann. We still set up and sell our dolls and other sewn items at craft shows in several cities here in Ohio. Here are a couple pictures that were taken at Shaker Woods, a show held in Columbiana, OH the last 3 weekends in Aug.

February 14, 2010

Old Raggedy Friends started out several years ago as two friends that loved to sew and were making and selling Santas, snowmen and different kinds of dolls at a couple local craft shows. When we first attended the shows we were setting up our displays and selling our items with two other friends. One year at the biggest local show, due to illness, neither of our friends were able to attend. Since our tables/displays were beside each other we combined our tables to make one big booth. This way we were able to help each other out. We had a great time talking and selling our items and a new partnership was formed.